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1000LPH RO Water Treatment Plant

RO Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

Model No.: TS-RO-1T

The RO (Reverse Osmosis) water treatment plant removes unwanted particles (salts), hardness, microorganism and impurities in the water in order to improve the color, odour, taste or properties of the fluid.

The product water is pure water for a specific use, such as daily use, direct drinking, industrial water use, commercial beverage production (bottled water, juice, tea, carbonated drinks, wine, beer, etc.), cosmetic production, food proces sing, hotels and restaurants, pharmaceutical and hospital use, and so on.

Product Specification

Technical Process

1000LPH RO Plant 03
RO plant

Process Description

The device provides stable water source and pressure to the back-end treatment system.


Sand Filter

The device filters the impurity substance and disposes of the divalent iron and manganese ion in the raw water. It is equipped with automatic control valve, which can discharge the sediment by its automatic back washing function.

Activated Carbon Filter

This filter removes the colors and smells of the raw water to improve the water’s flavor.

Water Softener

This device soften the water by oxidizing the calcium ion and magnesium ion in the raw water with cation.

precise filter

Precise filter

With the filtering accuracy of ≤5μm, the precise filter can filter the particle impurity substance in the raw water from the front-end filters. It can prevent impurity substance from flowing into and thus blocking up the reverse osmosis membrane system, so as to decrease power consumption more effectively.

multistage pump

Multistage pump

This device gives stable water supply and sufficient pressure to the reverse osmosis membrane system.

RO membrane system

Reverse osmosis membrane system

This device filters the substances such as bacteria and ions in the water.

And the quality of product water after filtration will be much higher than

that of standard daily drinking water.

Technical Data

Capacity1000L/H (25℃)
General Power Consumption3kw
Working Voltage380V/50Hz (Can be customized)
Booster pumpBLC70/075 type, 0.75kw, 1set
FRP Quartz sand filterФ300X1370mm, 1 set, Quartz sand 100kgs
FRP Activated carbon filterФ300X1370mm, 1 set, Activated carbon 50kgs
FRP Water SoftenerФ300X1370mm, 1 set, cation 50L
Precise filterФ195×500mm, 1 set, stainless steel 304
Multistage pumpCDL2-180 type, 2.2KW
RO membranes4040 type, 4pcs

Functions of The Machine

More Capacity Choices for The Model

pure water1
No.Model NumberCapacity
1TS-RO-0.25T250L/H (0.25M3)
2TS-RO-0.5T500L/H (0.5M3)
3TS-RO-0.7T700L/H (0.7M3)
4TS-RO-1T1000L/H (1M3)
5TS-RO-2T2000L/H (2M3)
6TS-RO-3T3000L/H (3M3)
7TS-RO-4T4000L/H (4M3)
8TS-RO-5T5000L/H (5M3)
9TS-RO-6T6000L/H (6M3)
10TS-RO-8T8000L/H (8M3)
11TS-RO-10T10000L/H (10M3)
12TS-RO-12T12000L/H (12M3)
13TS-RO-15T15000L/H (15M3)
14TS-RO-20T20000L/H (20M3)
15TS-RO-25T25000L/H (25M3)
16TS-RO-30T30000L/H (30M3)
17TS-RO-50T50000L/H (50M3)

Optional Device

Dosing Machine

Dosing Machine


  • By dosing flocculant into the water, it enhance the sediment of the unwanted impurities and colloidal matters, etc.
  • By dosing scale inhibitor into the water, it prevents the Calcium and magnesium ion from forming scale, so as to protect the membrane filtration system.
  • By dosing PH adjusting agent, it changes the water PH value into the ideal result
UV Sterilizing device

UV Sterilizing device

Main Material: stainless steel 304

Function: sterilize the bacteria in the water

Capacity: 2000L per hour

Stainless Steel Water Tank

Stainless Steel Water Tank

Material: stainless steel 304

Function: Raw water or product water storing

It is better to connect with a ozone machine to sterilize the bacteria in the water.

Volume: 1000L to 5000L or more

Tings Ozone Machine

Tings Ozone Machine

Material: stainless steel 304

Ozone output: 3 to 32g/H

Function: to produce ozone and pump it to the water tank or ozone mixing tower, so that the ozone can fully sterilize the disinfect the water in the mixing circulation process.

Ozone Mixing Tower

Ozone Mixing Tower

Material: stainless steel 304

Function: fully mixing of the ozone and water, making it the best ozone sterilizing effect


Mineral water industry

Mineral Water Production Industry

Beverage industry

Soft Drink Production Industry

Wine production line

Wine Production Industry

daily water drinking

Daily Drinking Water



pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Cosmetic industry

Cosmetic Industry

food processing industry

Food Processing Industry

papermaking industry

Paper-making Industry

Other industries, such as hotel and restaurant, car-making industry, iron-making industry, and waste water treatment, etc.

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