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Why Bottle Water Business Is The Next "Petroleum" Business?

Four advantages of it make it possible: huge market demand, low risk, low entry requirement, low investment capital and high return.


water 1 Huge Market Demand

▶ Water is essential for everyone 

    ⬤ At least 2L water per day to keep healthy

Bottle water is popular 

    for it is healthy, portable and cheap.

Bottle Water is a highly localized business.

    It is a fast moving consuming goods

    It is sensitive to transportation cost

    It is difficult to control long-distance network

    Its production is limited by water source 


This means ABUNDANT OPPORTUNITIES for entrepreneurs!

water 2 Low Risk

 Tangible Investment

    Fixed Value

    ⬤ Expectable Profit

low risk

 No Food Additive                                            ▶ Low Price & Huge Demand

    Little Worry about food security                        Not affected by market crisis

water 3 Low Entry Requirement

 Simple Technology

    Simple raw materials: bottle preform, bottle cap, labels

    Simple equipment: Water treatment system, bottle blow molding system & filling system, packing syste

 Easy Operation

     Simple production process

    Simple sanitation control procedure

low entry requirement

water 4 Low Investment & High Return

Example for 2000 Bottle per hour (BPH) production line in one Africa country:

These cost should be calculated accroding to your requirement and your local actual situation.

total investment

    Other cost for reference:

    Personnel cost: 4 machine operators, 1 QC staff, 1 technical engineers, 2 laborers

    Spare parts cost: in general, spare parts cost 0.5% of the total equipment investment each year


Example for Project Investment comparison in one Africa country:

investment comparison

Bottle water requires much lower investment capital than other kinds of drink

Raw material & freight cost per bottle:

cost per bottle
net profit 0
net profit2
business oppoortunity

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