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Water Treatment Solution for Beverage Production and Food Processing

RO system 1

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RO system 2

Process introduction

  1. Booster pump
    It provides stable water source and pressure to the back-end treatment system.
  2. Quartz sand filter
    The device filters the impurity substance and disposes of the divalent iron and manganese ion in the raw water. It is equipped with automatic control valve, which can discharge the sediment by its automatic back washing function.
  3. Activated carbon filter
    This filter removes the colors and smells of the raw water to improve the water’s flavor.
  4. Water softener
    This device soften the water by oxidizing the calcium ion and magnesium ion in the raw water with cation.
  5. Precise filter
    With the filtering accuracy of ≤5μm, the precise filter can filter the particle impurity substance in the raw water from the front-end filters. It can prevent impurity substance from flowing into and thus blocking up the reverse osmosis membrane system, so as to decrease power consumption more effectively.
  6. Multistage pump
    This device gives stable water supply and sufficient pressure to the reverse osmosis membrane system.
  7. Reverse osmosis system
    This device filters the substances such as bacteria and ions in the water. And the quality of product water after filtration will be much higher than that of standard daily drinking water.
  8. UV Sterilizing Device
    This device sterilizes the bateria in the water.
  9. Product Water Tank
    It is for storing product water.
  10. Ozone Machine
    It is for further sterilizing the bateria in the product water. By using water circulation, ozone and prodcut water are mixed fully together. So that the product water in the storage tank is bateria-free permanently.

When you are sending us an inquiry, it is important to tell us three informations:

1. Please provide us your water quality test report if available.
2. What is the capacity of the machine your need? 1000L/H or 2000L/H…?
3. What purpose will the product water be used? For daily use, beverage production, irrigation or other use?
(We will offer you a most suitable solution and price.)

Sometimes the Water Source Contains Excessive Heavy Metal (Iron and Manganese). How to due with it?

You may add some pretreatment devices. Please refer to the following information. (click the picture below)


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